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trusted investments

we know our stuff . trust is our key element we only will say yes when we have capability of adding enough value if we can’t we do not accept the deals .so if we said yes to you then relax we got you .

Quality control

we have workers with more experience than our owners age so we always have the most sophisticated services in the market.


if u don’t know how money is being spent it can give anxiety. we have solution for that we report spends and marketing budget. we are fully transparent to our customers.


we are good with communication with different communication methods chosen by you we will be in touch always to update you on progress.

pure passion

we don’t giggle while working . we are passionate on what we do we have a very formal work process streamlined to just be efficient . so it ensures us on our quality of work.

first customer

our first customer was our own school .so u can trust us because when your principle trusts u then your good at your stuff.


platform marketing

FREE FOR 1 month !!!

we will advertise for free on different platforms for your company for 1 month straight to satisfy you.

marketing campaigns

FREE FOR 1 month!!!

we will use our own team to plan execute every campaign and monitor it.

influencer fees

FREE FOR 1 month !!!

no influencer fees for a month all the costs will be taken care by us.

what makes us different :



1. WE fix a meeting with you to understand requirement.

2. Specific influencer is qualified to serve the particular market and need.

3. our company value commitment as long as we believe in the aim of owner we will work.

4. we campaign for the company for next 1 month and provide results at the end.

5. if company is satisfied with our results we have a 3months subscription where we active all the facilities and try various campaigns.

6. when the company feels comfortable after months of qualifying a number of influencers we make a department for the company which will work purely for them.

7. Now your company has a creative influencer department after we leave and is ready to serve you for the rest of the life.


ion x media

Still in doubt ? try contacting us .